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Health is not an expense
Rather an investment in your future self



Trigger Point Therapy

Dry Needling

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For those that do not have enough time in a day. A quick and effective treatment straight to the point to get you back on your feet, destressed, and ready to tackle your next challenge.



For those that know that an investment in yourself is an investment in your future.



For those that need a little extra attention and treatment of a kinetic chain. Or the extra touch to fully destress and recover from a busy schedule and training.

About Me

I am a South African expat that immigrated to Australia in 2006 to follow a career in competitive sport. I have been a sports enthusiast all of my life, dipping my toes into combat, endurance events, and all kinds of ball and board sports. These days you are likely to find me surfing, training for a triathlon or an adventure race, or having a go at MMA.

I walked away from the corporate scene and chose to follow my heart. To fulfill my dream of helping people. This passion drove me to become an Osteopathic student and a massage therapist, where I can combine my love for sports with the serving of others. I’m currently studying Osteopathy at SCU on the Gold Coast. I believe that my studies will enhance my ability to assist people by giving them a helping hand on their life journey.

The unique situation I’m in allows me to treat people from all walks of life and sporting levels. I’ve played and trained sport at the highest level, so I fully understand athletes, their bodies, and mindsets. I apply the knowledge I receive at university to every treatment and look at every person as an individual. I firmly believe that the body is connected and that joints and segments of the body affect each other. This leads me to investigate the cause of your discomfort or look for the best treatment to improve your athletic performance.